Retirement, and Moi

It’s been so long since my last post, I forgot my password…Needless to say, retirement and moi, not adjusting easily YET!!!.

We went away two times since January 7th until Feb 2nd, and today is only Feb. 18th and we’re looking for another trip for a few weeks. Banco Popular (my husband) and I, need to be kept busier, and since we are both new at this venture, we are navigating blindly.

Yes, we do errands together and separately, go to theater, SHOP, see family and friends, BUT, we have not settled into any type of regime.. OOPS…BP goes to the gym each morning, and ME, NADA…If I went to the gym each morning, or noon or even night, (since time doesn’t matter), I would have an errand every day. But I am still finding an excuse not to go…ie: it’s freezing outside, it’s snowing or icy, I’m tired etc.etc. This topic is more than a mention, but today, this is not where I’m going.

Tonight we are going to see Newsicals, The Musical at the Kirk Theater on West 42nd Street. Carson Kressley, the wonderfully talented personality is starring. I urge you all to see this, as besides being talented, he is also a friend. And you know how we all support friends…

To keep today light and fun, I will say so long and let’s not forget REDLIPSTICK for strength…

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I’m Baaack!!!!!

Vacations are magical for Banco Popular (referred to as BP) and me. Recently we traveled to the French West Indies for ten wonderful days of beach, food, Shopping and gambling…And it just so happens, these are my favorite things to do. And I must say myself; it’s wonderful to share doing them with BP.

So each day as we readied for the beach (although it’s a layed back island, I always dress for the beach. My philosophy is: if the body goes south, the least we can do is wear a glamorous bathing suit, get tanned skin and wear RED LIPSTICK. With the lips bold against bronze skin, NO ONE looks beyond the face.) We exercised by walking 3 miles on this trendy beach, (hand in hand) and the best shopping on the island. Better than the stores, not for price-because the merchandise on the beach costs as much as the stores, BUT the beach venders do not take credit cards…so I knew to bring $$$. The colors and creative design of the costume jewelry was amazing. And the Clothes!!!!!

After greasing up and settling on the chaise, “People watching” begins…and what a show………………….The color of the water is turquoise with caps of white and the clouds lay about like soft billowy pillows tossed on the bed. How beautiful to spend your days like this, and the most important and toughest question of the day: Where shall we have dinner?

So My Dear Friends I want to share my thought for today. If a few days away from our daily routine can rejuvenate ourselves, aren’t we worth it?

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Dinner With Friends

Last night we went to dinner with friends at a New York, trendy, funky restaurant located on the West side. We have been there many times before, but not for quite a while. I made the reservation late and was told there were none to be had, but of course, I used BP’s status from his “old company” as he is retired for the past 3 days. They graciously honored a resv at our preferred time and as usual, dinner was great.

This was one of my oldest friends, since meeting at the bungalows at age 12 and 13. I, of course, was 12. To this day, I always mention that she is 1 year older than me. Conversation was flowing, drinks-abundant and then dessert….sweet and plentiful.

As I sit at my computer this morning, telling my short story, I begin day 4 with BP (Banco Popular-nickname for my husband) heading downtown on this splendid Saturday…

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Day 2

OMG…Encore….Day 2 of retirement.
Today I spent the day with BP, holding hands and walking downtown to one of New York’s old fashioned candy stores on Rivington Street. This store has every candy you can imagine from your childhood. I managed to walk out with only a tin of sours, as I am going to the beach, and every calorie counts now.

We strolled through the Essex market arm in arm,( like new lovers on a first date) then left to pass Katz’s Deli. For the first time in my 60 years there was a line around the block for this famous deli. That’s enough to discourage any genuine NY’er as we don’t wait on lines for food. Off we went to find another treasure.

As we headed uptown, I got a chance to explore the boutiques in LES (lower east side. Doesn’t it seem that everything has an initial?). I was able to walk out of 2 boutiques with only a card. As we neared 9th Street, I entered this tiny boutique and found these BLACK short trousers with a 4 inch waist band, right out of a 1940’s movie. I was in love. BP sat in the husband’s waiting room- a chair in the corner of this tiny store and I studied the pants. I held them up in the mirror, I held them to my hips, and yep, realized they were going to fit. The Amex came out without hesitation and these beauties were mine. I still have not tried them on, because if they don’t look as good as I imagined them to,I will be very disappointed. So they hang in my closet along side of the other 40 pairs of BLACK PANTS.

In my 2 days experience of retirement, I am learning that will power takes much more practice than 2 days….

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OMG…or was this expression deemed no longer to be used as “fiscal cliff”.

OMG….today was my first day of retirement and I was edgy. I had no plans, as we are waiting to vacation on Monday, so what’s this girl to do….what I know best…SHOP…

I hit Lord & Taylor to see the bargains, and of course I could not resist. Instead of window shopping, I purchased. The sale was great on cashmere and as usual I bought…not one, but two sweaters, earrings and lounging pants. But, I did have the luxury of staying out until 4PM which I never could have done before. When I arrived home, BP (Banco Popular-my husband) was already there and heard the noises of shopping bags rubbing together. I got the look, and I explained these were things I needed for the beach. Who says you can’t wear cashmere over a bathing suit. Sometimes it gets a little chilly from the ocean breeze!!!!!

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YOUNG Retirees Club

Fridays are usually my day for me. I catch up on errands, shop the stores and most of the time I schedule a beauty treatment, whether hair, nails, massage or facial…but something just for me, and that includes going to my favorite espresso bar for time alone. However, today was different…Today was my last day working for Banco Popular (my husband, known as BP). He retires the first of the year and Monday’s orders are for 2013, so officially I am finished today. I took some time in the AM, and then sat at my desk waiting. Waiting for the phone to ring, taking the last orders for the Eve. At 3PM I counted down and at 5PM I became a new member of the YOUNG RETIREES!!!!

I am still trying to figure out what I will do when I grow up…
First the vacation, as a good tan never hurt on a job interview…

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A girl has to do,what a girl has to do!!!!

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I feel like an automobile. A car goes in for a tune up every 10, ooo miles (usually once a year) and me; well I need to get tuned about every six weeks. The usual-my eyelashes, color, waxing, of course nails and toes. It seems to me, I need more maintenance than my car, AND I don’t have a trunk!!!!!

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