Age is Just a Number

Last night BP (Banco Popular/my husband) and I went to Lincoln Center to see Bibi Ferreira. Never hearing a word about this singer, we got tickets and sat very up close and personal. We were in the producers seats, given to us by the producer, and to make things more Interesting, Liza, as in Minnelli sat in front of me.

Bibi, who is considered the Grand Dame of Brazil, and 91 years young, walked onto the stage, by herself, in high platform shoes, wearing a simple navy and black lace slip dress, dazzled in stones. Looking remarkable, she impressed me, because at 60 years young, I cannot walk in high heels.

Then she belted out a song and I was taken with her. I watched her closely as the same day I visited my mother in law in a home for the aged. She too, is in her nineties and cannot get out of a wheel chair. The contrast between these women was engraved in my head as I watched Bibi stand for an hour and a half (in high heels) without a break, never seating down. I was astonished and in awe of this woman. I decided that’s what I want to be when I grow up….not a singer, as I cannot carry a tune, but a “WOMAN OF SUBSTANCE”. I WANT TO BE SELF SUFFICIENT, GLAMOUROUS, AND OPEN TO WHAT THE WORLD IS OFFERING.

Brava Bibi!!!!

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One Response to Age is Just a Number

  1. Ellen says:

    Good 4bibi and u red lips

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