No More Excuses

For the past months, I promised myself to get to the gym…if I don’t start on a Monday, the rest of the week is finished. Sounds familiar???? Like a diet, I’ll start on Monday and when Monday comes, there is another excuse. I have no more excuses, I am leaving for the Carribbean on Sunday, and that means bathing suit. I have an idea…I am going to propose to BP (Banco Popular, my husband) that we must travel more to keep me in better shape!!!!

I have found as I have gotten older, I like food. Food has become an art style for me and entertainment for us….Trying different palates, going to new restaurants and even cooking. I love to have dinner parties to create new dishes and experiment in new cuisines.

But getting back to the gym….Yesterday I promised myself to get to the gym on Monday. I did not get up early to go, but by 11:15 I got dressed and dashed over. I went on the tread mill to “Let’s Make A Deal” and that passed the time there and then my floor exercises. I must say, I felt good and even better when I left.

The trick is, will I get there tomorrow!!!!!

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