Retirement, and Moi

It’s been so long since my last post, I forgot my password…Needless to say, retirement and moi, not adjusting easily YET!!!.

We went away two times since January 7th until Feb 2nd, and today is only Feb. 18th and we’re looking for another trip for a few weeks. Banco Popular (my husband) and I, need to be kept busier, and since we are both new at this venture, we are navigating blindly.

Yes, we do errands together and separately, go to theater, SHOP, see family and friends, BUT, we have not settled into any type of regime.. OOPS…BP goes to the gym each morning, and ME, NADA…If I went to the gym each morning, or noon or even night, (since time doesn’t matter), I would have an errand every day. But I am still finding an excuse not to go…ie: it’s freezing outside, it’s snowing or icy, I’m tired etc.etc. This topic is more than a mention, but today, this is not where I’m going.

Tonight we are going to see Newsicals, The Musical at the Kirk Theater on West 42nd Street. Carson Kressley, the wonderfully talented personality is starring. I urge you all to see this, as besides being talented, he is also a friend. And you know how we all support friends…

To keep today light and fun, I will say so long and let’s not forget REDLIPSTICK for strength…

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