I’m Baaack!!!!!

Vacations are magical for Banco Popular (referred to as BP) and me. Recently we traveled to the French West Indies for ten wonderful days of beach, food, Shopping and gambling…And it just so happens, these are my favorite things to do. And I must say myself; it’s wonderful to share doing them with BP.

So each day as we readied for the beach (although it’s a layed back island, I always dress for the beach. My philosophy is: if the body goes south, the least we can do is wear a glamorous bathing suit, get tanned skin and wear RED LIPSTICK. With the lips bold against bronze skin, NO ONE looks beyond the face.) We exercised by walking 3 miles on this trendy beach, (hand in hand) and the best shopping on the island. Better than the stores, not for price-because the merchandise on the beach costs as much as the stores, BUT the beach venders do not take credit cards…so I knew to bring $$$. The colors and creative design of the costume jewelry was amazing. And the Clothes!!!!!

After greasing up and settling on the chaise, “People watching” begins…and what a show………………….The color of the water is turquoise with caps of white and the clouds lay about like soft billowy pillows tossed on the bed. How beautiful to spend your days like this, and the most important and toughest question of the day: Where shall we have dinner?

So My Dear Friends I want to share my thought for today. If a few days away from our daily routine can rejuvenate ourselves, aren’t we worth it?

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2 Responses to I’m Baaack!!!!!

  1. renee says:

    How wonderfull for you and Bobby. You make me smile!!

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