Day 2

OMG…Encore….Day 2 of retirement.
Today I spent the day with BP, holding hands and walking downtown to one of New York’s old fashioned candy stores on Rivington Street. This store has every candy you can imagine from your childhood. I managed to walk out with only a tin of sours, as I am going to the beach, and every calorie counts now.

We strolled through the Essex market arm in arm,( like new lovers on a first date) then left to pass Katz’s Deli. For the first time in my 60 years there was a line around the block for this famous deli. That’s enough to discourage any genuine NY’er as we don’t wait on lines for food. Off we went to find another treasure.

As we headed uptown, I got a chance to explore the boutiques in LES (lower east side. Doesn’t it seem that everything has an initial?). I was able to walk out of 2 boutiques with only a card. As we neared 9th Street, I entered this tiny boutique and found these BLACK short trousers with a 4 inch waist band, right out of a 1940’s movie. I was in love. BP sat in the husband’s waiting room- a chair in the corner of this tiny store and I studied the pants. I held them up in the mirror, I held them to my hips, and yep, realized they were going to fit. The Amex came out without hesitation and these beauties were mine. I still have not tried them on, because if they don’t look as good as I imagined them to,I will be very disappointed. So they hang in my closet along side of the other 40 pairs of BLACK PANTS.

In my 2 days experience of retirement, I am learning that will power takes much more practice than 2 days….

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