OMG…or was this expression deemed no longer to be used as “fiscal cliff”.

OMG….today was my first day of retirement and I was edgy. I had no plans, as we are waiting to vacation on Monday, so what’s this girl to do….what I know best…SHOP…

I hit Lord & Taylor to see the bargains, and of course I could not resist. Instead of window shopping, I purchased. The sale was great on cashmere and as usual I bought…not one, but two sweaters, earrings and lounging pants. But, I did have the luxury of staying out until 4PM which I never could have done before. When I arrived home, BP (Banco Popular-my husband) was already there and heard the noises of shopping bags rubbing together. I got the look, and I explained these were things I needed for the beach. Who says you can’t wear cashmere over a bathing suit. Sometimes it gets a little chilly from the ocean breeze!!!!!

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