YOUNG Retirees Club

Fridays are usually my day for me. I catch up on errands, shop the stores and most of the time I schedule a beauty treatment, whether hair, nails, massage or facial…but something just for me, and that includes going to my favorite espresso bar for time alone. However, today was different…Today was my last day working for Banco Popular (my husband, known as BP). He retires the first of the year and Monday’s orders are for 2013, so officially I am finished today. I took some time in the AM, and then sat at my desk waiting. Waiting for the phone to ring, taking the last orders for the Eve. At 3PM I counted down and at 5PM I became a new member of the YOUNG RETIREES!!!!

I am still trying to figure out what I will do when I grow up…
First the vacation, as a good tan never hurt on a job interview…

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2 Responses to YOUNG Retirees Club

  1. Carol Antman says:

    Hooray & congratulations. C & S


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