Happy Holidays

Good Morning Everyone!!!
This season is for forgiving. For those harboring grievances or any ill feelings, let it go…. Life is too short. If we have learned anything thru our years of experience, it is that LIFE IS TOO SHORT. In all our lives, we have lost people near and dear to us and that makes us reflect what is to come next. I have decided in my very young 60 years, to step out of the box, and take chances. I am not holding on to the negatives as that will hold me back and I will never step out of the box. I usually tip toe and dab a toe outside, but this time I am plunging. I have decided to start on something small, like cutting my hair short. If I don’t like it (which I totally love) it can always grow back, but I was willing to take the chance.
Today is Saturday and a perfect day to do something for yourself. Start with buying new under garments. This is easy, affordable and makes you feel wonderful from the inside out. I seriously recommend this for all genders. I always like putting on new lingerie before going out … it makes me feel sexier. And that’s a great way to start any occasion.
Also take yourself out for a wonderful first meal of the day…Try that new coffee bar, or restaurant you thought was for a special time. Today is that time. Do not wait any longer, we are worth it.
Happy Holidays!!!
By the way, I still think OPRAH should dance on DWTS…
Reminder…Dec 24th thru Dec. 31st. redlipstick week…..

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2 Responses to Happy Holidays

  1. renee says:

    You are always sexy!!

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