There are days that I feel larger than life, and then there are days that I feel invisible…blending in with the crowd…an average color in a field of exquisite flowers…beige ( I own nothing in this color, nor do I own ecru ), a wall flower passed over. I don’t know about you, or if you’ve ever experienced this, but let me tell you…IT SUCKS. It doesn’t matter the cause that gets you to this state, but just that you have arrived here. It has no discrimination of age or gender or race. The “shadow” knows all!!!!
Years ago, someone told me I was in the invisible zone. That’s where you’re too old to be young and too young to be old. Although you still have the swag, it’s just not reaching the total audience. That’s when I met my shadow.

So I have a recipe to arm ourselves from these dreary, melancholy days.

First you must recognize the fact that the “shadow” has appeared, then you must want to shake it quickly, and lastly…get your butt to the gym, have a wonderful meal using linen napkins, and buy yourself something that you think you don’t deserve, and oh… don’t forget the red lipstick!!!!! Put yourself together for an evening out with your spouse, partner, friend or frenemy. As my Mom always says “If you look good, you feel good and you do good”.

*MENTION redlipsticknyc
Nomado 33…165 East 33 Street complimentary wine
d’mai Urban Spa…157 Fifth Avenue BROOKLYN complimentary Seda candle718 398 2100
Zio Ristorante…17 West 19th Street 212 352 1700 complimentary dessert 212 352 1700
230 Fifth Avenue…between 26/27th Street No line waiting Friday, Saturday and Halloween
Schutz Shoes…655 Madison Avenue at 61 Street 10% discount at register
Guyand Gallard…free coffee/tea with purchase http://www.guyandgallard.com (multiple locations)
Valerie/facialist..free brow shape with European or Micro facial 212 355 5176
Paul Labreque Salon…take home bottle of shampoo ($25.00 value) 212 988 7816

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