The other day I mentioned my thoughts about OPRAH dancing on DWTS(Dancing with the Stars) and I personally feel it is a great idea.
Here it is, America’s sweetheart, showing the world that anyone can overcome their fears. As mentioned on her show, Oprah says she cannot dance… but, we saw her shake her bouty when she toured with Ms. Tina Turner.
We know Oprah is an American Icon and holds the ear to Presidents, world chiefs and just us ordinary folk. So here’s my idea for Oprah and DWTS…The list of competitors:
Bill Clinton
Condoleeza Rice
Gayle King (her best friend)
Barbara Walters
Betty White
Nelson Mandela
Tina Turner

Since these people are all higher profile, DWTS should make a shorter competition 4-5 weeks so everyone has the time to participate and cannot refuse.After all, they are all in great company.
Remember Oprah, Johnny Travolta can be there to give you some tips, and we are all confident that you will not be the first person voted off. That’s really the fear of every one… Your fan base is far too great. Also remember, I promise to be there in the audiance with BP to cheer you on.

*MENTION redlipsticknyc
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