Dancing Queen

Yesterday I left off with an idea I came up with during my stay in the hospital….
OPRAH should be a contestant on DANCING WITH THE STARS. I believe Oprah is a woman of substance. She encouraged America to read and started book clubs. She is a huge philanthropist and a person of interest. She has the ear to the President and other powerful people here in the USA and her name is recognizable around the world. No one says Oprah who???? She taught America to take hold of ourselves and face our dilemmas with her workshops she had on her show. After all, Dr. Phil was discovered by her, Bob Greene got us to take back our lives through exercise and Suzi Orman to budget our finances.Now OPRAH, lets face our fears of dancing!!! You know Johnny T will coach you, and maybe if Gayle goes on the show with you, you wouldn’t be as nervous. Perhaps we can get Betty White to be on the same series and she can get voted off first. Think about it, dancing with Max, doing the Cha Cha, or Samba, wearing those gorgeous dresses that are tailored made for you.(Max got Kirstie to cartwheel-I bet he has more tricks up his sleeve for you). What could be better. And if it helps, I promise to be there cheering you on. I’ll even bring Banco Popular and Carson.

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