*Love Letter to My Gfamily

Last night I was taken out for my special birthday, which is now closer to my next birthday,(only kidding and making this blog more fun).

We went to the Meat Packing area which is always alive with action. The streets were filled with out of towners from far away places and locals enjoying the good weather and the beginnings of Halloween. In fact, as Banco Popular and I walked towards the restaurant, I saw a group of men dressed from “Ghostbusters”. I didn’t realize it was Halloween and thought they were plumbers. I thought BP was going fall on the floor with laughter.

We arrived at the restaurant, and I had the best seat at the table,in the middle facing out looking over the crowd, nestled with love. If I have not told you before, and how could I, every straight woman MUST have a Gay man for a friend. I have always had gay men in my life since I was 16 years old. When friends, male and female disappoint you, your GMAN is always there to comfort you, pick you up off the floor and take sides. Yours, of course.
Therefore, after reading this letter, start interviewing…. But realize you are moments away from ever eating desserts again. Between vacation and Fire Island season starting, carbs and sweets seem to disappear from your daily nutrition. This is another reason the have Gman in your life….KEEPING YOU ON A DIET!!!!

We drank shots of tequila, we ate, we gossiped, we gossiped some more and continued with laughter. And there amongst all these gorgeous men, was my Banco Popular.He still amazes me with his ease and wit.

During the evening I reflected to a time in Fire Island(sans BP) when I spent the day with my boys. I was on a float in the pool with a shit ass grim on my face. I guess it must have been one of these catchy smiles because I was asked what I was thinking about. I answered quickly to the point and still remember the answer as if it were yesterday…”I wish you were all straight and interested in me”.
But you are interested in me and for that I love you all. You have supported me, loved me and truly have become my family.
Each of you are kind, creative, fun, interesting and the list continues. You are beautiful inside as well as exceptional eye candy. You light up my life and any room you walk into….

At this dinner we were graced with a visitor from Italy, Carmen….Ciao Carmen!!!!
Carmen did not speak a word of English, so of course we all spoke Italian…with our hands. It’s a good thing we weren’t eating Ethiopian food(which you eat with your hands). I was wearing suede!!!!

MENTION redlipsticknyc
Nomado 33…165 East 33 Street complimentary wine
d’mai Urban Spa…157 Fifth Avenue BROOKLYN complimentary Seda candle718 398 2100
Zio Ristorante…17 West 19th Street 212 352 1700 complimentary dessert 212 352 1700
230 Fifth Avenue…between 26/27th Street No line waiting Friday, Saturday and Halloween
Schutz Shoes…655 Madison Avenue at 61 Street 10% discount at register
Guyand Gallard…free coffee/tea with purchase http://www.guyandgallard.com (multiple locations)
Valerie/facialist..free brow shape with European or Micro facial 212 355 5176
Paul Labreque Salon…take home bottle of shampoo ($25.00 value) 212 988 7816

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One Response to *Love Letter to My Gfamily

  1. maia says:

    Yes, I’m with you regarding having at least one gay friend. I have few and love them dearly. I can chat with them about everything, and I mean everything!

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