Lipstick is an accessory that we as women wear boldly and proudly. The color reflects our mood and our wardrobe.
I started wearing lipstick at age 21, and of course the lip liner was a no brainer. My Mom had a friend Lillian who was a looker. She always wore lipstick(never red) and always lined her lips. I have to admit, Lilly was a knockout. To this day, I remember her applying the liner and then filling in with the color.
So naturally when it was my first moment of applying lipstick, the liner was already in my hand. I looked in the mirror, and the first application was lined with the natural shape of my mouth. Since then I have become creative and can also line and apply lipstick in the dark-left handed. I am right handed. I also apply liner before bedtime and apply full lipstick before my morning coffee, right after brushing my teeth.
The first years of my marriage, Banco Popular did not know what I looked like without lipstick, as I would get up near sunrise to apply my lips, so when I arose from bed…voila!!! I was a natural beauty…To this day I am always with lipstick but I wait until my normal wake up time to apply.

I think we should have some fun and start a RED LIPSTICK WEEK. There is the Red Hat Society, now we have RED LIPSTICK WEEK. Let’s ease into this slowly and pick the week of December 24th thru December 31st.The Holidays!!!! How appropriate to celebrate with Red. Santa is smiling….

During the holidays we tend to try new things. We try to step out of the box if only for a special occasion. Let’s encourage ourselves to be bold. And for those men who are reading along, I am not discounting you. I want you to wear red polish on one finger nail or toe nail. Let’s show support for those who struggle with breast cancer (color PINK) and for those who survived and persevere through this disease. WE WILL WEAR RED TO SHOW WE CARE!!!!!!

As for the goodies:all with mention of redlipsticknyc
Zio Ristorante…17 West 19th Street 212 352 1700
230 Fifth Avenue…between 26/27th Street
Schutz…655 Madison Avenue 10% discount at register
Guyand Gallard…free coffee/tea with purchase http://www.guyandgallard.com
Valerie/facialist..free brow shape with European or Micro facial 212 355 5176
Paul Labreque Salon…take home bottle of shampoo ($25.00 value) 212 988 7816

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