Time for Talk

I don’t know about you, but, when I need to talk to Banco Popular(my nickname for my husband) the best way to hold his attention is in the car and especially stuck in traffic.
Last night, on our way home from a first time invite from a “Cousins Club”, we were 1 mile outside the Midtown Tunnel, stuck in stand still traffic for over one hour. Normally I would say thank you to the man upstairs, but tasting my bed for sleep and drained from the day, I didn’t even want conversation.

It’s after 11PM, I don’t even want to talk which is a unusal and a gift for BP, so I do as I always do and people watch or rather car watch. I imagine their stories as I think they imagine mine.

I see a car full of girl youngies, music blairing, laughing and just as I did in my twenties, heading into the city to meet the man of their dreams, or at least the man of the hour.
Another car held a family, Mommy and Daddy in the front seat, while the three year old is up and vibrantly looking through the window- seeing life through a different time slot.
Another car, the one in front of us, a single man, reading his email (usually I am furious, but we weren’t moving, so it was ok). Otherwise NO TEXTING OR READING EMAILS WHILE DRIVING!!!
There were couples chatting away, probably first dates, there was a car of young men.The darkened windows and heads bopping. I knew immediately their music was loud and fast. But driving in a four door sedan took away there cool/swag, knowing the car was barrowed from their parents for a night on the town. Perhaps, they should have been next to the girls heading towards the city. They would have saved $ on the drinks, and an hour in traffic.

All in all, I was entertained with theories in my head about my new found neighbors. Each of us, catching a glimpse of eachother without becoming too familiar. Almost flirting….
BP and I caught up on future plans, vacations, our new relativies or rather the old ones we haven’t seen throughout my almost 24 years of marriage.

As we neared the toll booths, we were spent from the tidium of this long journey home. Quiet, in thought and happy that within minutes we would be entering the comfort of our personal surrounding…our home.

So my dear friends, if traffic is not your thing, ask your partner to meet you in a Dr’s office. Usually the wait there is just as long and conversation must be in a calm manner.

As for the goodies:all with mention of redlipsticknyc
Guyand Gallard…free coffee/tea with purchase http://www.guyandgallard.com
Valerie/facialist..free brow shape with European or Micro facial 212 355 5176
Paul Labreque Salon…take home bottle of shampoo ($25.00 value) 212 988 7816

More goodies to follow

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One Response to Time for Talk

  1. maia says:

    Enjoyed reading it! Even stuck in traffic one can have fun if has rich imagination!

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