Shopping…Fun or Fear

Today I found myself with time to spare before I had to be back at the office….I am one of the lucky ones, who work from their home. On occassion, when the weather is cold, rainy or snowy, I dress casual Friday, but for the most part I dress up for work. Since I am the only person in this office, it seems unusual that I would dress for work and wear nice shoes(not slippers or rubber thongs), but one of my favorite expressions is: If you look good, you do good!!!

Another favorite expression which I use all the time on Banco Popular (my husband’s nickname) is: You’ll sleep when you’re dead…Poo Poo Spit…This is an old superstition my Mom has brought me up with and at 60 years young, I cannot shake it.

I headed toward Lord & Taylor, as this is the closest department store for me to meander through and still get to the office on time. L&T is having friends and family so this made sense today.I bought Banco Popular a cashmere sweater(40% and then another 25% discount) which was extremely reasonable, in fact any less expensive, and L&T would have owed me money. Then I went to the loungerie floor which is always a must as underwear is disposable. I found a saleswoman after searching the entire floor(maybe that’s why the prices are so low, they don’t have to pay salaries). She was up there in age and definitely did not want to be working and quite frankly…she should not have been. I asked for a color and size and she said it was sold out…never offering me to try another store and have it shipped. I suggested this and I think she was disturbed that she had to research for me.

Shopping is suppose to be fun and exciting. Many people do not like shopping and find it difficult at best. I enjoy it and take pleasure in touching fabrics, seeing the trends and colors and how to coordinate the pieces of the puzzle. Having salespeople that are disintersted and lazy does not help this experience for anyone. For those who love it, this type of sales person takes the fun out of a shopping experience. For those who would rather be at the dentist, this sales person confirms their difficulty and dislike of this truly beautiful experience.

So as Banco Popular tells me, “If a person does not want to be at his/her job, they should stay home. It is not productive for the buyer or seller”.

I realize most of us need to work to pay the bills, but if one should go to work, give it your all or “stay home”.

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