I am one of those people who find it easier to get a mammogram than go to a new hair stylist.
Being way past the point of wanting a haircut, now I am desperate for a haircut. Besides paying ridiculous amounts of $$$$$ (not including the tips), I become anxious for fear the stylist will screw up my hair or rather my look. Whenever I start with a new stylist, I do not let them see me with a robe on. I explain to the assistant that you can only make one first impression, and the cutter must see who I am dressed. This way, in my head, I believe they will see my personality and therefore will not let me walk out looking like an uptown, uptight coiffed female. I prefer the downtown, wind through my hair type of look.

Today, I met Simone. She made me feel comfortable and relaxed on first sight. I realized then, it was only a haircut and with the rules on the table (never use pinking shears) I let Simone have her way. Voila!!!! She took her time cutting on dry hair, then it was washed and tweaked to adjust any imperfections. I was happy, Simone was happy knowing I would be a repeat client.

As I want to be the OPRAH of bloggers. I am holding off on telling you the name of the salon. I am trying to work out something where my readers will benefit from my excursions, whether haircuts, restaurants or shopping. Just give me time and hopefully we will have giveaways. Maybe during the pre-holiday season, will become the blog of choice.

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One Response to Haircuts

  1. Stella says:

    I am glad I am not the only one who has this big angst about a new stylist! In 25 years I have changed my stylist once – and that was due to him moving interstate. I thought it would be a tad dramatic if I insisted on catching a plane every time I needed a haircut. I don’t think hubby would have approved. Luckily for me my next stylist worked out just fine.

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