Change of Season

The first time wearing a heavy sweater or putting on a winter jacket/coat feels delicious. I love the change of season. Although, for me, Spring and Summer are my favorites, I always love the four seasons as it means a change of wardrobe. It allows me to take out all the accessories that are packed away so neatly that I have collected from all over the world.. I am so proctective of these accessories that I carry them in my plane bag and do not pack them directly in my luggage afraid they will get lost. My wardrobe is 99% black and my accessories are the color. I believe that the simple black dress, pants or suit can be worn to look like a different outfit each time, if the accessories are right.

This reminds me of another funny story involving my husband and I in London. We were on our way to Knightsbridge and my husband became ill. We headed back to the hotel and waited for the hotel doctor (who by the way, never showed up) and finally after 4 hours, I took him to the hospital. They ran all types of tests and then the doctor returned and told us it was a kidney stone. With the tears streaming down my face, and my nose running, I looked up at him and asked:”So he’s not going to die?” The answer of course was no and off I went to Knightsbridge to pick up this fabulous black and leopard handbag I had seen the day before. I bet you’re wondering why I hadn’t bought it the previous day, but I thought I would have more time to shop and obviously the hospital set me back a day. My husband was safe and on a morphine drip resting comfortably and I was on my last shopping spree before we returned the next day to the States. To this day wen I use this bag, we both look At each other and laugh.

Getting back to today with the firstchill in the air, the streets were packed with people wearing hats, gloves and all types of scarves. Color, color and more color….The parade is just beginning…

On a side bar…Zara has a pair of deep emerald green lace pant with a black lining that are fabulous for $79.90..The sizes are only small and medium (no large made). If this is your size, run don’t walk. It’s a great look for an incredible low price….

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