Today I went shopping with my husband. I didn’t specify what kind of shopping, because clothes are always first. Both of us adore fashion, but are not slaves to it. I prefer to think of myself as a trend setter rather than a follower. But, please remember, the FOLLOWERS are the most important…..they make the “trenders” look great by taking the advise given out.
So for all the “trenders” out there, we say thank you to all of you.
Back to today…as I said, clothes first and anything else….a plus…..
My first question:
1-Why are MEN’S Jimmy Choo shoes WAY less expensive than women’s shoes?
2-Why are MEN’S haircuts less?
3-Why are MEN’s shirts less than Women’s shirts at the Dry CLeaner?

And if Millie is reading this, I hope you enjoyed the ballet…

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