Today was just a glorious day to stroll. I found myself with plenty of time before meeting friends at the Met for the Andy Warhol exhibit ( all New Yorkers a must see). I walked along Third Avenue and up along Madison and spent an ostentatous amount of money without ever taking out my wallet.
As I walked uptown, I was able to see the trends from neighborhood to neighborhood. Of course the “Housewives of Madison Avenue seemed to get younger, and younger and thinner and thinner. I remember when a size 8 was thin, now as in the scene from the ” Devil Wears Prada”, a size 8 is the new 14. This reminds me of a an incident involving just myself in Bloomingdales many years ago. I was shopping through the racks and I saw something I liked and it was a size 0.
I tried to look for a 3 as I thought that would be an XL. When I asked the saleswoman, she laughed and told me 0 was the correct size and the largest was an 8.
I fought my way to be an 8 and when I strolled into Calypso TODAY,I realized the size 8’s are a minority and the 0’s rule.
So my question is: DO SIZE 0’S HAVE MORE FUN?????

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