Evening Draft with confidence

As you can see I am not techno. It took me many tries to get to this point and find my own blog on the internet. So for all of you out there who want to try something new, go for it. If you make a mistake, so what….It’s just a mistake…Take a chance, maybe color your hair.

I had an appointment to color my hair tonight and realized I used to color my hair for fun, NOW I must color to keep away the gray. The only gray that works is FIFTY SHADES!!!!!!!!
Changing hair color makes me feel different, perhaps confident and definitely sexier. There are many small things in life that require little or no thinking. This is one of those things/ Open a bottle or in my case, open the door to the salon and say please.

I think of my mother Roz in this instance. She now is a young age of 87 and thinks she thinks she is a natural blonde. I know for a fact she was born a brunette, but the blonde keeps her going. Now only if being blonde can keep her safe while driving. Another story for later.
Bon Soir mes amies.

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