Today is looking better already with a decent nights sleep. Of course not natural, the aid of a pill. But after two weeks of restlessness, I succumbed. Maybe that’s what this is all about today, letting go and choices.
Myself, being a strong-minded, I must do it myself type of person, has a difficult time as most of you, to relinquish. I find myself wanting to do it all. As I have approached my later years, I realize this is not the solution and we all need some sort support (help). Which reminds me of all men who do not ASK FOR DRIVING DIRECTIONS.
We ( my husband and I ) are driving along and lost with the navigation system on, and still stuck. Maybe stuck on stupid!!!! (which by the way, is one of my favorite expressions and so true the point).
I say in my sweet voice ” let me ask the person in the next car…As we slowly pull up to the light, I electronically roll the window down, and as in a slow motion movie, my husband hits the gas as the light turns, leaving me with my mouth open and the words hanging in the air. Too stunned to say anything and a little angry because the famous question WHY CAN’T WE ASK FOR DIRECTIONS!!!!
I decided that women have no problem asking for directions or asking for help to learn a new method…men on the other hand…NEVER.
So my dear friends, some of you I know and the others that are just meeting me, I SAY IT’S NEVER TOO LATE TO TEACH AN OLD DOG NEW TRICKS….Today is training day!!!!!

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  1. Stella says:

    You are so right – men never ever ask for directions and can’t stand it if their better other half does. Lucky we don’t have as many tricky roads down under – but hubby still manages to get lost on occasions – and then hates to admit it!!

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