It’s No Skin Off My…….

I am fanatical about my skin. In fact I wish I felt the same about going to the gym, but that’s another day, another story. My facialist gave me a wonderful and easy tip which I am passing on to you. It has no gender so all can participate for that small pore, glowing look. As we age we want to keep the glow….

Each day squeeze half a lemon and using a cotton pad smooth all over a clean face, throat and chest. It’s going to burn, so toughen up. After is dries, moisturize. You will see a difference after a  few weeks.

Good luck on this journey to younger and tighter skin.

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New York Discovery

Yesterday was a glorious day to roam the city. As usual,Banco Popular, (nicknmame for my husband) and I walked the city. We are both New Yorkers and have lived many decades in this wonderful city. So to our surprise, we found a New York treasure.Imagine after so many years we found something that I believe most of New York does not know about. Okay, I’m going to share…NEW YORK MARBLE CEMETARY. Sounds weird, but this beautiful secret garden built in 1830, located on 2nd Avenue, between 2 and 3rd Street was a combination of heaven and earth. Hidden between the tenaments, you pass through iron gates and voila, a charming open space of trees, benches and no grave sites. All the tombs are buried ten feet below with only markers on the walls. I strolled along enjoying the serenity, admiring the trees and then sat on a bench in awe. I inquired and was told this remarkable space is available for party rentals. I cannot think of a more perfect venue for any celebration of life.

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The OMG refers to retirement. I personally, just don’t understand it. Maybe, because I never thought I would be doing nothing as of late. But the point is, I got lazy…Now, I cannot take all the blame for not exploring the work force, some of the reasons are purely circumstantial. I couldn’t work for the first three months, as we were “on the road”, and now I am unavailable until October. So who am I kidding??????

I thought the OMG refered to retirement, but now I’m thinking, it refers to ME!!!!!

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Age is Just a Number

Last night BP (Banco Popular/my husband) and I went to Lincoln Center to see Bibi Ferreira. Never hearing a word about this singer, we got tickets and sat very up close and personal. We were in the producers seats, given to us by the producer, and to make things more Interesting, Liza, as in Minnelli sat in front of me.

Bibi, who is considered the Grand Dame of Brazil, and 91 years young, walked onto the stage, by herself, in high platform shoes, wearing a simple navy and black lace slip dress, dazzled in stones. Looking remarkable, she impressed me, because at 60 years young, I cannot walk in high heels.

Then she belted out a song and I was taken with her. I watched her closely as the same day I visited my mother in law in a home for the aged. She too, is in her nineties and cannot get out of a wheel chair. The contrast between these women was engraved in my head as I watched Bibi stand for an hour and a half (in high heels) without a break, never seating down. I was astonished and in awe of this woman. I decided that’s what I want to be when I grow up….not a singer, as I cannot carry a tune, but a “WOMAN OF SUBSTANCE”. I WANT TO BE SELF SUFFICIENT, GLAMOUROUS, AND OPEN TO WHAT THE WORLD IS OFFERING.

Brava Bibi!!!!

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I Was Someone’s Dream!!!!

I was very fortunate to be able to leave New York during this cold weather for the warm, balmy temperatures of Puerto Rico. This was the first time that BP (Banco Popular-my husband) and I took a vacation other than a French speaking place in seven years. We chose San Juan as it was close and easy from New York. Also there was gambling, a must for me.

Always conscience of my weight and always on a diet, I headed for the beach, dressed beautifully with of course red lipstick, a fabulous Badgley Mishka bathing suit and BP at my side. I looked up and there was a huge woman who looked at me with envy. Imagine, I was someone’s dream…Needless to say this was amazing as I am always on the dream end.

So the moral of my little story is…Accept who we are, make changes if we want,…BUT LIVE LIFE, and ENJOY.

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No More Excuses

For the past months, I promised myself to get to the gym…if I don’t start on a Monday, the rest of the week is finished. Sounds familiar???? Like a diet, I’ll start on Monday and when Monday comes, there is another excuse. I have no more excuses, I am leaving for the Carribbean on Sunday, and that means bathing suit. I have an idea…I am going to propose to BP (Banco Popular, my husband) that we must travel more to keep me in better shape!!!!

I have found as I have gotten older, I like food. Food has become an art style for me and entertainment for us….Trying different palates, going to new restaurants and even cooking. I love to have dinner parties to create new dishes and experiment in new cuisines.

But getting back to the gym….Yesterday I promised myself to get to the gym on Monday. I did not get up early to go, but by 11:15 I got dressed and dashed over. I went on the tread mill to “Let’s Make A Deal” and that passed the time there and then my floor exercises. I must say, I felt good and even better when I left.

The trick is, will I get there tomorrow!!!!!

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If it’s Tuesday, more Coffee Please

Tuesday, the day after Monday…
The usual- coffee, computer and telephone. But today I have a mission. I must cook dinner for a very good friend and I get to try out new ideas. I can not call them recipes because I haven’t decided what to make yet, but as long as the table is set beautifully and I don’t burn anything, I’m good. I also bought ice cream for dessert. If the meal is fair, the ice cream will taste even better.
I just discovered a web site called GOLDSTAR which has discounted tickets for all events. In fact they have a comp category which gives free tickets. A good find, but I have not tried it out as yet.
As for the theater last nite, thumbs up. “NEWSICAL, THE MUSICAL”.

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